TISCA 2014 Recap

November 23, 2014

From Coach Z:

Well that was a fun weekend! The team did great; we had tons of best times, some really exciting races, and the relays really proved they could be just as fast as they were with last year’s superstar seniors (and faster).

There were 52 teams there from all over the state; we placed 3rd in the Boys, 5th in the Girls, and 3rd in the combined. McNeil won the Girls and the combined scores, and Clements won the Boys. The results are available on Meet Mobile (an app you should have), and will soon be online.

The highlight of the meet was the last race, the Boys 400 Free Relay. The boys really wanted to break the school record from ’07 and beat McNeil; they barely missed that record last year with Josh, and they’ve developed a healthy rivalry with McNeil this year. In addition, the Klein relay was talking trash after our boys won prelims, and the Klein relay won Regionals last year (and they’re scary, but they were missing two of their superstars, so we’ll see).

Our boys shattered the record- it was a 3:15.1, and they went a 3:12.48. They were dominant through the last two legs and won by about 3 body lengths. It was incredible. Ray lead off, and he was in 3rd coming in (Klein and McNeil both led off their top guy), Noah got us into 2nd, Andre overtook Klein and pulled ahead, and by the time Mitch hit the water, it was over.

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