2021 District 25-5A Swimming & Diving Boys Team Champions & Girls Team Runners-up

February 2, 2021

Anderson’s very own, Elizabeth Ann Stromberger and Jasper Davis each won the Athlete of the Meet for being recognized as the top points earner in each of their meet. Jasper Davis also set a new pool record in the 100-yard freestyle (47.19 seconds) and anchored the 200-yard Freestyle relay (1:29.33) consisting of Chase Hays, Dylan England, and Thomas Woodley to another pool record that was set the previous weekend by Westlake (6A). The difference .01 seconds. The top 4 finishers in each event advance to the Region VII meet in San Antonio, TX on Thursday (Girls) and Saturday (Boys). Here were some of the highlights from the meets in case you were curious:
  • Girls 200-yard Medley Relay – 1st Place (Phoebe Jaggers, Claire Rogillio, Elizabeth Ann Stromberger, Sarah Rogillio)
  • Boys 200-yard Medley Relay – 3rd Place (Pierce Propst, Diego Rivas Cardona, Andres Brooks, Tyler Truss)
  • Boys 200-yard Freestyle (Current Burnet pool record holder) – 1st Place  (Jasper Davis)
  • Girls 200-yard Individual Medley (IM) – 1st Place (Sarah Rogillio)
  • Boys 200-yard Individual Medley (IM) – 2nd Place (Chase Hays) & 3rd Place (Andres Brooks)
  • Girls 50-yard Freestyle – 1st Place (Elizabeth Ann Stromberger)
  • Boys 50-yard Freestyle – 2nd Place (Dylan England) & 3rd Place (Thomas Woodley)
  • Boys 100-yard Butterfly – 2nd Place (Chase Hays) & 4th Place (Charlie Hussain)
  • Girls 100-yard Freestyle – 1st Place (Elizabeth Ann Stromberger) & 4th Place (Phoebe Jaggers)
  • Boys 100-yard Freestyle – 1st Place (Jasper Davis) & 4th Place (Dylan England)
  • Girls 500-yard Freestyle Relay – 1st Place (Sarah Rogillio) & 4th Place (Claire Rogillio)
  • Girls 200-yard Freestyle Relay – 3rd Place (Giselle Tracy, Opal Lung, Katherine Berntsen, Kat Kester)
  • Boys 200-yard Freestyle Relay (Current Burnet pool record holders) – 1st Place (Chase Hays, Dyland England, Thomas Woodley, Jasper Davis)
  • Girls 100-yard Backstroke – 2nd Place (Phoebe Jaggers)
  • Boys 100-yard Backstroke – 3rd Place (Pierce Propst) & 4th Place (Charlie Hussain)
  • Boys 100-yard Breaststroke – 2nd Place (Diego Rivas Cardona)
  • Girls 400-yard Freestyle Relay – 1st Place (Elizabeth Ann Stromberger, Claire Rogillio, Phoebe Jaggers, Sarah Rogillio)
  • Boys 400-yard Freestyle Relay – 1st Place (Chase Hays, Dyland England, Thomas Woodley, Jasper Davis). 

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