Meet Information

Meet Schedule:   See the Meet Calendar for dates and times.

Pool Locations:  See the Pool Location and Directions page.

Transportation: This year we will NOT be transporting via AISD or charter bus to and from all the meets. The entire team is expected to stay until the end of each meet.

Duration of meets: This will vary, based on the meet. Approximate times will be posted on the Schedule, if known. Dual meets take 2 hours or less, while the multi-school meets can last all day. TISCA, District, Regional, and State meets last 2 full days. The coach will usually require all swimmers to attend in-town meets, even if they are not swimming.

Attire: The day of or before meet days, swimmers will be required to wear their team polo shirt with khaki pants, shorts or skirt, and shoes to school and on the bus to all meets. The head coach may ask the swimmers to wear a specific shirt instead, but unless notified otherwise, all team members must wear the team polo shirt to school.

What to Bring:

Gear: Remember to bring team suit, swim cap, extra goggles, at least 2 towels, team warm-ups, sunscreen (outdoor meets), and parka for cold weather days. Folding chairs are usually preferable to sitting on a wet towel all day.

Food: It is a good idea to bring your own healthy snacks, as the Booster Club is no longer providing them. Plan to bring a hearty sack lunch for meets that last all day. In addition, most meets will have a concession stand.

Other: Since students will be missing some classes on meet days, it is a good idea to bring along some school work to do on the bus or between events so they don’t get behind in class. Playing cards, books, iPods also help pass the time.

Parents are welcome and encouraged to attend all meets! Please wear your team polo to show your support and identify you as a team parent. While some pools will have bleachers, bring folding chairs in case they don’t. Heat sheets and concessions are usually available for purchase. It’s usually OK to bring a cooler with non-alcoholic beverages in non-glass containers.