Frequently Asked Questions

When and where does the Anderson Swim Team practice?

The Anderson Swim Team practices at Waterloo off 620. Practices vary based on the A or B block schedule.  See  the Practice page for details.

Is there a bus to practice? What about a bus from practice to school?

Parents are responsible for getting their swimmer to the pool. After practice there is an AISD bus that goes from the Waterloo Pool back to Anderson.

Where does my swimmer take a shower and get ready for school?

Showers are available at Waterloo and the Anderson Athletic Locker Rooms.

Can my swimmer get a locker at Anderson?

Swimmers must purchase their own locks, but the combination MUST be given to one of the team captains.

What kind of gear does my swimmer need?

All team gear is handled by the Team Gear Committee of the Booster Club. You can order team gear at the Kick Off Party at the start of each season, or contact the committee.

  • Swim Suits – Team Meet Swimsuits can be ordered at the Kick Off Party.
  • Swimming & Diving Spirit T-Shirt – The team creates a design and these are worn at times designated by Coach
  • Columbia Shirt, Team Jacket – These are worn t times designated by Coach
  • Parkas and Swim Bag – Provided by AISD (Coach Z handles these)
  • Trojan Swim Caps – Coach Z handles these
  • Swimming Gear – see the Practices page for details.

Where can I find the meet schedule and general meet information?

See more information about swim meets at the Meet Info Page.

How does my swimmer get to the meet?

All students will be transported via AISD or charter bus to and from meets. The bus will depart and return to AHS. The entire team is expected to stay until the end of each meet AND ride back on the bus with the team.

How can I get on the parent MailChimp email list for team communications?

Join at the Kick Off Party or contact the Communications Committee of the Booster Club.  Swimmers should join the swimmers’ Facebook group.  Captains will help new swimmers join the group.