Booster Club

Meetings and Purpose

Date & Time TBA –  Very early in the school year, we will have our first Booster Club meeting of the 2019-20 season.  We could have a Q&A session for new parents from 6:30 – 6:50.  The Booster Club meets monthly during the swim season.

According to the UIL, a Booster Club exists “… to enrich students’ involvement in extracurricular activities…”  Take a look at the different committees below to see how our club supports the team and coaches.  For more details, come to a Booster Club meeting or email the President.


Parents – All parents should be on the Mailchimp email group.  In most cases, new parents will be automatically added to the group after the Kick Off Event on the Sunday before school starts.  Use this form to add another email or to start receiving email reminders before the Party.

Swimmers – The team has a Facebook page.  Swimmers new to the team should join the Facebook group and check the posts from their captains and coach.  To join, talk to your captains.  The Facebook group is for swimmers only.

** All communications about schedules and practices will be sent out on both Facebook and MailChimp.

Booster Forms


Thank you parents for stepping up to help your AHS Swim Team!  GO TROJANS!!

Parents, are you new to the team or interested in a different volunteer spot this season?  We have open positions, plus some committees could use help.  See below.  Contact the Volunteer Coordinator for more information.

Booster Club Executive Board
President: Shay Rogillio
Vice President: Diane England
Treasurer: Chris Jaggers
Secretary/Volunteer Coordinator: Courtney Dale

Booster Club Committees 2019-2020

  • Meet Official: *    Chair: Scott Rogillio   
  • Stroke and Turn Judges:*  Chair: Scott Rogillio
  • Meet Lunches:   Chair: 
  • Meet Travel:   Chair:  Ellen Kester
  • Coolers/Water/Banners:   Chair: John Minter 
  • Tarps & Tents:   Chair: Allison Dady   
  • End of Year Banquet:   Chair:  Karen Lemens  
  • Banquet Committee:  Courtney Dale, Courtney Sears, Shay Rogillio
  • Banquet Slideshow:  Chair: OPEN      Co: Open
  • Senior/Sponsor Posters:*  Chair: Sarah Hallman   Co: Amy Jaggers
  • Fundraising/Sponsorships:   Chair: Megan Helmbrecht
  • Team Gear:   Chair:  Diane England
  • New Parent Liaison:  Chair:  Open
  • Photographers:    Chair: Open
  • Photobook:   Chair: Open
  • Shutterfly Site Admin:  Chair: 
  • Website Manager:*  Chairs:  Amy Jaggers
  • Scholarship:    Jr: Katie Kinzy  So: Joanne Stromberger Fr: Margie Novak
  • Volunteer Coordinator:   Courtney Dale
  • Publicity Chair:   Open

 * Training Required